Omurice Next Time

The Story

Finn and Gray have been together for five years. Life is simple, perhaps a bit ordinary, and that is good.

Finn opens a sweets shop, and Gray is a truck driver. They don’t have much, but luckily there is always food on the table. No matter what happens, they got each other.

These are slices of their husband & husband’s life, fragments of their joy and love, hopes and dreams, and casual awkwardness and embarrassment.

Our Boys

Finn Fujimoto

I would rather be the head of a chicken than the tail of a bull.

Finn is neat, tidy, and stubborn. He owns a sweet shop on Windreach 6-Chome shopping street, where he sells dorayaki using grandpa’s recipe.

Finn moved to Beur about 8 years ago, after graduating from high school. He spent the first few years at Maiden, working for a vegetable wholesaler as a pick packer, where he met his lifetime good buddy Wilbur.

Gray Morgan

What are we going to eat tonight?

Gray is a ‘fun-loving slob’ according to Finn.

His favorite things to do are: Play video games until hungry, eat until tired, and sleep the whole day. Apart from all that, he has a big appetite, eats a lot, and is never picky about food. It is something that Finn finds very attractive in men.

Gray was a long-haul truck driver for many years until he met Finn and settled down. Still, sometimes he would miss home.

Wilbur Gallagher

Let’s grab a drink! Beers on you! A-ha! That’s a joke!

Wilbur is a big bloke with a big heart, everyone’s favorite uncle. His frankness sometimes may be received as rudeness, but that’s just him trying to be funny but failing.

He owns Ten & Ten Goods, our beloved general store in Windreach 6-Chome shopping street. He is also the Communication Representative of the neighborhood associations.

Finn and Wilbur would go out for a drink every Friday night, it has been a custom for years.

Akashi Kazama

You boys should eat more.

Akashi is an old soul inside a young man’s body. If you know him well, he will regularly feed you various snacks.

He was once Wilbur’s business partner. Years ago, when Wilbur decided to open a shop, Akashi offered his help by providing business consultations, supply chains, and property owned by his family. The two dated for three years before getting married.


Meow. (This one is delighted by your presence.)

Momo is a tabby cat who runs a matchmaking service on Windreach 6-Chome, next to Finn’s shop. He is also the matchmaker of Finn and Gray.

As a kitten, Momo had a lonely and hard early life. He wandered around the shore and fed on garbage to survive. It is a past that Momo refuses to relive but refuses to forget.


Woof! Woof! (You are beautiful. You are so handsome.)

Ham is Wilbur and Akashi’s dog, an introverted german shepherd.

He is well-educated and well-mannered, but not very social. Most of the time, Ham would rather stay at home than go out. He also visits Momo’s hut very often.

The scar on his face is actually a birthmark.

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